Our Story

On a short, relaxing trip in 2016, we unexpectedly arrived at Bacalar and we fell in love with the town's atmosphere. (Bacalar is one of the 121 magical towns in Mexico) and as we gazed upon the spectacular colors of the lagoon, our first exclamation as we witnessed the different shades of blue was ...wowwwww! That was when we decided to create our new home, your new home in Bacalar

Even now, we are still amazed every time we sit on the edge of the lagoon to contemplate the astonishing sunsets and the natural beauty that this jewel possesses and without a doubt we believe this is one of the most beautiful places in Mexico.

If anything is for sure, it is that you will fall in love with Bacalar. Therefore, our mission is to ensure that your visit becomes an unforgettable experience, as you enjoy CASA CHUKUM and discover Bacalar. Take advantage of the comfort, convenience, tranquility and excellent service you deserve!

In CASA CHUKUM we put our soul and our heart in everything we do, same passion with which we take care of the environment and in this way our paradise. With us you can rest assured that the service you receive is nature responsible.


We know it is not easy to decide on a place to stay before you begin all your adventures in Bacalar. Don't worry, your search is over. Live the EXPERIENCE of CASA CHUKUM. Your stay should be much more than just a room and a bed. Our mission is to become an extension of your home here in Bacalar. Casa Chukum is a quiet, pleasant oasis of rest and tranquility where each of our collaborators has the firm conviction of making you feel happy and spoiled.

From the beginning, each room has been designed and created with the smallest detail in mind so you can enjoy the style and comfort you deserve. The beauty of this paradise is reflected in the architecture and decoration of CASA CHUKUM.

In addition, you will find yourself one block from the lagoon in a very centralized area, a few steps from the nightlife and places that you will surely want to discover.

Did you know...

The CHUKUM tree is native to the peninsula of Yucatan and it was of great importance to the Mayan civilization.
From this tree the Mayan extracted a red resin used for coloring and tradictional medicine. Even today, it is still used, for example in construction and decoration.

This is how we care THIS PARADISE

Our love for Bacalar was born from the colors of the lagoon and the natural environment. Therefore, we cannot be indifferent regarding the protection of the environment. We want a vibrant Bacalar, filled with beauty and to always be clean.

Here at CASA CHUKUM we are committed to preserving the environment, so we encourage the use of biodegradable products that don't harm the environment.

We strongly believe in sustainable eco-tourism. If Nature Wins, We Win!

Spaces to pamper yourself and relax


Enjoy a moment of relaxation in our pool, surrounded by beautiful green areas and under the shade of leafy trees. This is the perfect area to rest without losing contact with nature.
Our pool is 100% chlorine free, since we use a process, which purifies the pool using salt.


Your nightly stay includes our delicious continental breakfast so you can start your day full of energy. This breakfast includes a buffet with fruit, yogurt, toast, jam, butter, cereals, fruit juice water, coffee, tea, milk and also included are eggs the way you like them, omelettes, divorced, scrambled and sunny side up!


The reception area is open from 7:30 am till 10:00 pm. and a watchman is available from 9:00 pm till 7:00 am to cover any need you may have, by giving you the personalized and warm attention you deserve.


All our common areas are designed to bring people together. There is a large, lovely designed lobby with comfortable sofas. You are garanteed to enjoy a relaxing moment of leasure with family and new friends.


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